The advantages and disadvantages of Chinese medicine in treating myopia

The advantages and disadvantages of Chinese medicine in treating myopia

With the increasing number of myopia patients, the treatment of myopia has become a hot issue of public concern.

With regard to the constantly appearing various treatment methods and instruments, patients of all ages have been confused and confused. This newspaper specially invited experts to answer the traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine therapy in detail for everyone. I hope readers can get a comprehensive understanding.

  Method 1: Advantages of traditional Chinese medicine treatment: Traditional Chinese medicine treats myopia by adopting the overall syndrome differentiation of Chinese medicine based on systemic conditions. It is believed that the organs, especially the liver and kidneys, play an important role in regulating vision.

Studies have found that the efficacy of this drug is closely related to the severity of myopia, the lighter the degree of myopia, the higher the clinical cure rate and the apparent efficiency.

  Disadvantages: The main effect of traditional Chinese medicine on pseudo myopia is obvious, but the amount of prescriptions effective for true myopia needs further research and improvement.

  Method 2: Advantages of acupuncture treatment: Acupuncture is one of the effective methods for myopia, which has been widely used.

Among the acupuncture methods, plum blossom acupuncture and auricular point pressing are simple and convenient to use, and clinically early and early treatment is used to perform puncture on traditional acupuncture points. If it is reported that acupuncture at Mingming point, in 173 eyesIts total effective rate is as high as 91.

The visual acuity of 9%, almost complete diseased eyes, was improved to varying degrees.

At that time, people also found that during the 30 minutes from the point of acupuncture to the point of withdrawal, vision improved to varying degrees, indicating that acupuncture is effective and rapid in improving myopia.

  Disadvantages: According to the existing experience, the short-term effect of acupuncture in the treatment of myopia in adolescents is corrected, but the long-term effect is not enough, and the mechanism research needs to be further deepened.

The problem is that the long-term effect is not satisfactory, and there are many relapses.

The prevention of myopia and the treatment of pseudo-myopia have some effects, but there is no positive effect on true myopia.

  Method 3: Acupuncture Therapy Advantages: Preventing myopia with ear acupuncture is one of the effective treatments widely used in China in recent years.

There are many types of auricular acupuncture. The methods used to correct myopia include: acupuncture at acupoints, buried acupuncture needles, auricular acupressure, and auricular massage.

It has the advantages of good effect, simple operation, easy to master, and no toxic and side effects. It is especially suitable for schools, families, and primary hospitals to intervene in children and students’ nearsightedness. It is welcomed by all walks of life and medical workers.

Therefore, understanding the mechanism of this therapy and mastering its operation methods and precautions have important practical significance and practical value. Statistics show that among the nearly 5,000 patients reported, the course of treatment was from 12 days to half a year, and its efficacy reached 67.

100% total effectiveness, 10% healing supplements?
Between 30%.

  Disadvantages: Unclear long-term effects.

  Method 4: The advantages of acupoint treatment: it can reduce muscle contraction, improve blood circulation, and change the ball distance. Therefore, it has a therapeutic effect on most adolescents with myopia and improves vision to varying degrees.

  Disadvantages: Unclear long-term effects.
  Method 5: Acupoint massage method Advantages: By selecting acupuncture points and using acupressure, it stimulates peripheral nerve receptors and peripheral blood vessels, effectively improves blood circulation and internal nerve regulation around the eye, and improves blood circulation and metabolism of eye tissueRestore the physiological adjustment of the eye muscle and add musk transdermal absorption to obtain comprehensive local and systemic adjustments to restore the normal physiological function of the eyeball.

The method is simple and easy to implement, the health effect is improved, the vision is improved, and the health effect is obvious.

  Disadvantages: Must be properly massaged by professionals.

As parents and students, it is impossible for them to correctly grasp the knowledge of acupoint massage. Even if I do acupoint massage, I cannot reach the intensity of the massage, so it is difficult to achieve the purpose.

The massage cost of general experts is also relatively high. Drugs need to be dispensed. It is necessary to go to professional clinics for long-term massages. Because students’ study work is very tight, they can’t spare time for professional massage treatment.

Acupressure should always be insisted on, and it will still rebound without consolidation treatment, leading to the abandonment of previous achievements.

  Method 6: The advantages of electromagnetic therapy: The traditional Chinese medicine viewpoint is adopted. The stimulation of eye points is expected to have a therapeutic effect on myopia.

These products do play a role in the blood circulation of the eyes and the relaxation of the ciliary muscles, and no product has been widely accepted and recognized.

  Disadvantages: This method is only a short-term stimulus and does not fundamentally solve the myopia incentives.

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