Women’s underwear can reveal sex

Women’s underwear can reveal sex

As everyone knows, women’s most mysterious underpants, under unconscious conditions, contain strong sexual cues, the desire for sex in the deepest part of their hearts, the way of sex, and even the trend of thought of having sex with certain men is naked.Exhausted!

  Now, let’s talk about the concept of sex exposed by lingerie.

  Seduction type: Black lace panties Healthy type: White cotton panties Cute type: Printed pattern panties Romantic type: Pink panties Active type: Brilliant color panties Receiving type: Broken panties Bland and unremarkable type: Wide panties bold and liberty type:Type of temptation not to wear underwear: Black lace underwear is the basic equipment of the heroine in the film. Because this underwear can arouse the original impulse of men and make men unable to resist the sexual temptation. Therefore, women who love to wear black lace underwear are subconscious.He hopes to conquer men, to tease his passions, to like passionate and bold sexual methods, and even to look forward to the thrill of cheating. Favorite becomes the focus of men’s attention!

  Healthy: White cotton underwear.

This type of woman is a lively and beautiful person who likes to pursue a sunshine-like life. She has high expectations for herself and strives to fulfill her goals.

For the requirements of the other half, I expect him to be a free and easy-going, positive man, eager to have a steady and stable sex, and the feeling of being tightly hugged by his thick body torso!

  Cute: Printed underwear.

This type of woman is a little woman who is less opinionated. She is afraid of being harmed by copying love or sex, and is afraid to try casually. She is conservative and self-serving.

However, if the partner is very active and strong, it may trigger a warm response, but afterwards regret it!

  Romantic: pink panties.

Gentle, sweet and flattering is the common expression of this type of woman, full of romantic fantasies and shy conservative reservations about sex, like gentle love words and sweet kisses, looking forward to the handsome Prince Charming and enjoy everything romantically with him.

  Active type: colorful underwear.

This type of woman consciously likes to take the initiative in the subconscious, expecting to guide the other person into their own mental or physical body, simply, generous is the common point of the woman, can not stand the masculine style.

  Adversity: Broken panties.

Even if she wears underwear through a hole, she can’t keep women. Her fantasy of love is almost disillusioned. Even for sex, it’s a routine business. She doesn’t feel like eating and going to the toilet. She also adopts a conservative attitude toward life.Satisfactory conditions are a very contradictory type.

  Bland and Unusual: Wide, loose underwear.

This type of woman already lacks mystery about sex, and does not require his partner to do it in a romantic atmosphere or in a fragrant scent. Although occasionally very pleasant, it lacks romantic feelings.

This type of woman easily changes her appearance because she is too lazy to dress.

  Bold and slutty: No underwear.

Bold, strong, and profligate is the subconscious mentality of this type of woman, like all kinds of novel and happy sex, whether it is homosexual or bisexual, have full curiosity, do not love to be bound by traditional morals, and express themselves wildly, Is a suffocating hot woman.

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