Working people beware of pre-holiday syndrome

Working people beware of pre-holiday syndrome

Many people know about post-holiday syndrome, but experts remind the majority of office workers that if you find yourself relaxing, indulgent, burnout, and inefficient at work, you must beware of pre-holiday syndrome.

  According to Cui Xueqi, a state-level second-level psychological counselor, the Spring Festival has not yet arrived, but many office workers are counting holidays and even going to work unconsciously, and the work efficiency is greatly reduced, which is a typical manifestation of pre-holiday syndrome.

Therefore, the majority of office workers pay due attention to adjustment, otherwise they may face greater pressure after the holiday.

  Ms. Wang, a clerk at a foreign company in Changzhou, Jiangsu, has been browsing the relevant information on tourist attractions online every day for the past few days, considering the specific arrangements for the Spring Festival travel.

“In fact, there are many things waiting for me to do, but I just don’t want to do anything and wait for my vacation with all my heart.

“Ms. Wang said.

  Mr. Zhang, a civil servant in Nanjing, Jiangsu, faced his first Spring Festival after employment. “As soon as I went online in the past few days, my college students sent me a message asking me how to spend the Spring Festival.

I was thinking that I could use my own money to play in the Spring Festival, so I couldn’t concentrate on my work.

In the interview, many office workers said that as the Chinese New Year approached, the mind was involuntarily focused on how to spend the holiday.

  Cui Xueqi analyzed that the essence of pre- knot syndrome is a maladaptive phenomenon, which mainly manifests as relaxation, indulgence, burnout, inefficiency, and irregularity.

Office workers have a tight daily life rhythm and work pressure. Holiday holidays can bring a short period of relaxation buffer, which leads to too many expectations for the leisure and entertainment activities of the festival. Too much expectation leads to excessive awareness.There will be chaos before the festival.

  Cui Xueqi said that in fact, the “pre-holiday syndrome” is only part of the holiday syndrome, and the holiday syndrome also includes two different stages during the holiday and after the holiday.

He reminded that the focus of the holiday syndrome is after the festival. This is because in addition to environmental changes and task replacement, people usually push the task before the festival to complete it. This way, it is equivalent to entering a vicious cycle: before the festivalTo evade pressure and avoid pressure during the holidays, it is bound to face greater pressure after the holiday.

  Cui Xueqi said that if you want to avoid “pre-holiday syndrome”, you should adjust your mentality before the holiday and beware of “pre-holiday syndrome”.

Regarding the arrangement of holiday activities, you should also take rest as the basis, eat, drink, play, and do housework moderately, and pour some cold water on your excitement.

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