Workplace: People who control emotions can succeed

Workplace: People who control emotions can succeed

The Research Report on Psychological Characteristics of Chinese IT Practitioners jointly released by the Talent Evaluation Institute of South China Normal University and other departments shows that employees with outstanding performance and employees with average performance have significant differences in “emotional control ability”, and their psychological characteristics even affectThe ability to strike in certain positions is decisive.

  In the past two years, the American psychological community has also carried out related “emotional management” research.

Studies have shown that being able to control emotions is a basic requirement for most jobs, especially in management, where the service industry has a simpler way.

Similarly, in a society such as China that has paid attention to the “friendship of gentlemen” since ancient times, learning to regulate itself is an important condition for maintaining good interpersonal relationships and achieving success.

  The “Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor” states that people have emotions and desires, they are sad, their livers are angry, their lungs are sad, their spleens are hurt, and their kidneys are hurt.

It can be seen that emotional response is a supplement to people’s normal behavior, but excessive use of emotions can hurt the body.

Few people are born to control emotions, but in the daily life, people should learn to adapt.

First of all, when encountering a reduced emotional stimulus, you should adopt a “relief strategy”, force yourself to calm down, quickly analyze the cause and effect of the matter, and then take action to try not to let yourself fall into the impulsive and reckless, simple and hasty passive situation.

  For example, when being ridiculed and ridiculed by others, if you immediately get angry and yell at each other, it is likely to cause disputes between the two sides and hurt your temper.

However, if silence is used as a weapon to protest at this time, or if only a few words are used to express their injuries, the other party will feel embarrassed instead.

Furthermore, it is best to read more books on traditional Chinese culture. There are many methods to guide interpersonal communication and personal cultivation.

You can also carry out some targeted training to cultivate your patience, such as calligraphy, painting and so on.

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