Mat washing + sun exposure can kill insects

Mat washing + sun exposure can kill insects

Heated mats + sun exposure can exterminate the hottest days of insects, and many citizens slowly start laying mats in their homes, a picture of cool summer night.

However, if you do not pay attention to the sleeping mat, you may also suffer from “worm bite dermatitis”.

Dermatologist pointed out that during this time, there is a lot of rain, high temperatures, and the vigorous breeding of tiny pests, coupled with long-term unused mats, it is likely to hide a lot of mites. When you use the mats for the first time, you must use them.Wash it with hot water, and it is best to bask in the sun. If the small bugs in the mat are not completely removed, it is likely to cause worm dermatitis after sleeping overnight.

  Phenomenon: Recently, patients with worm bite dermatitis. Mr. Doma has only recently started using mats. He turned the boxes over at night and found the mats. He wiped them with cold water before going to bed and thought they were clean.

As a result, I woke up all night and found that my back, limbs, and pimples and wind masses were once in contact with the mat, and the spindle-shaped packets felt very itchy.

So Mr. Ma went to the dermatology department of the hospital. The chief physician of the department said that Mr. Ma’s skin problem is typical of parasitic dermatitis. Wiping the mat with cold water, the parasite was not killed at all. When a person sleeps on the mat, the retinaAfter the insect bites and injects glandular secretions into the human skin, it is easy to cause allergic reactions to the skin, and the skin appears itchy, pimples, and swelling.

  Doctors point out that once the mat is used every year, there are always too many patients bitten by worms in the hospital’s dermatology department.

The most important reason is that the mat was not thoroughly cleaned, and there were bugs hidden in it. As a result, the mats were bitten by wind bugs when they slept on the mat at night.

Most of the symptoms of rashes caused by sleeping on the mat overnight are worm dermatitis.

  Doctors said that bites caused by infected insects caused skin diseases. Needle-sized bite marks or silt spots were often seen on the rash, and most of them were spindle-shaped and severely torn, and some patients scratched with blood marks.

  Insect bite dermatitis is an allergic phenomenon. It is also mainly treated symptomatically in the clinic. The first is itching. This type of external calamine calamine lotion gradually expands the effect of drying, especially in some places where there is liquid exuding from the skin.effective.

If you have severe allergies, you can also take caritam orally to prevent allergies, and apply itozirone to relieve itching.

For infants around 1 year old, calamine lotion can be used to relieve itching, which is cheap and has no impurities, or take diphenhydramine syrup to relieve itching.

  Obviously, it takes about 7-10 days for the large-scale worm bite dermatitis to heal. It is best for patients not to scratch the dermatitis site, so as to prevent the formation of nodular prurigo and affect the speed of recovery.

During this period, it is not advisable to eat seafood, and at the same time pay attention to rest, to avoid the decline of resistance and cause allergies to last forever.

  Suggestion: The first use of the mat to wash + exposure can kill insects. Since there have been cases of insect bite dermatitis because of using the mat, how can we completely eliminate the parasites on the mat?

The doctor said that many people use the mat for the first time, or simply wipe it with a towel that has been blanched with boiling water, that is, they can be directly exposed to the sun without scalding, thinking that the same effect can be obtained. In fact, a simple scalding or exposureCan not achieve the purpose of completely eradicating mites, must be scalded before exposure.

  At present, there are two ways to effectively kill the lungworms on the mat: one is to spray and seal it with a pesticide that is non-toxic to the human body, and then clean it; the other is to iron the mat with boiling water.The mat can be scalded in boiling water for about 10 minutes and then exposed to the sun to remove mites.

Regardless of whether it is a newly purchased mat or a mat from previous years, it must be carefully washed and exposed to kill the insects and their eggs when used for the first time this year, especially the mats that are the next year. This kind of mat is better than the newly purchased matMore molds need to be cleaned and sterilized.

  The mats are usually best scrubbed at least twice a week and sun exposure for half a month.

Many people wash the mat the first time they use it, and then do not wash it all summer. This is also inappropriate.

Because sweating is hydrophobic in summer, and the concentration of sweat is on the mat, if you do n’t change it frequently, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause skin diseases.

  In addition, for babies with delicate skin, suitable mats should be selected, such as straw mats, rattan mats, linen mats, rattan, yarrow, and linen fabric mats that have better moisture absorption and breathability, and are soft and cool.Appropriate, small friction damage to delicate skin, can reduce the occurrence of infantile rash, diarrhea.

  The doctor reminded that the retina worms are afraid of light, high temperature, and dryness. Therefore, the public should always clean and remove debris in the room, keep the room ventilated and dry, and strengthen personal protection.

In addition, citizens with pets in their homes should also be aware that cats and dogs are susceptible to parasitic infections, and pets must be sterilized and sterilized frequently to prevent family members, especially children, from developing pneumonia.


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