Diet Health in A Dream of Red Mansions

Diet Health in “A Dream of Red Mansions”

“The Dream of Red Mansions”, a classic literary masterpiece, has not only shaped many lifelike artistic images, but also has insightful insights into the ways of keeping healthy in areas such as diet.

  Laojun eyebrow with tea.

Laojunmei is Jia’s favorite health tea.

This tea is a silver needle tea produced by Junshan in Dongting Lake, Hunan.

Every time Jiamu drinks this tea, she soaks it in plum snow water.

This tea has a bright color and a high-scented aroma. It has a sweet and mellow taste, which is both heart-nourishing and healthy, so it has become Jia’s favorite health tea.

  Daughter tea.

Daughter Tea is a herbal medicine from Sichuan and southwestern Guizhou. It is also known as Rock Fruit Purple, Yellow Tea Root, and Daughter Red, also known as Pu’er Tea.

Sixty-third times in “Dream of the Red Mansion” wrote that Baoyu ate pasta and was afraid to stop eating. Lin Zhixiao’s family advised him to drink “Pu’er tea”. After Baoyu drank, his appetite increased.

When stuffing this tea, you can add some sugar, soak it overnight.

This tea also has amenorrhea.

Girls eat it, the effect is better.

  Lu’an tea.

This tea is Jia Baoyu’s favorite health tea.

This tea is produced in Huoshan, Anhui. According to “Long Wu Zhi”: “Liu’an, it should be used in medicine, but it is not good at frying.

“Shochu dipped in acacia flowers.

In the thirty-eighth episode of “Dream of Red Mansions”, due to the coldness of crabs, Daiyu felt a slight pain in her heart after eating, and she had to drink hot shochu.

The so-called “shochu” is liquor.

Baoyu busy said: “Shochu is available.

“Let a pot of” shochu soaked in acacia flowers “be burned.

Acacia flowers are small white flowers blooming on the acacia tree. They have soothing effects and relieve depression.

It can not only remove the cold, but also the sentimental feeling of Daiyu, and it has unique effects at night.

  Tu Su wine.

In the Grand View Garden, there is the custom of offering “Sou Su wine” on New Year’s Eve.

In addition, this wine is Baoyu, Daiyu, Baodi health wine.

It is also a medicinal liquor, which uses infiltration of redwood cassia, windproof, bell pepper, bellflower, rhubarb, red bean, etc., which has the functions of removing cold, dampness and heat and preventing diseases.

  Rice wine.

Sixty-third of “Dream of the Red Mansion” Zhong Baoyu’s birthday, he specially asked Pinger for an “Shaoxing wine” to help Bao Erye.

Shaoxing wine, or yellow wine, is a health wine that Baoyu particularly likes to drink.

Because rice wine is peaceful, does not hurt people, is nutritious, and is made of high-quality glutinous rice, it has been welcomed by people in the Grand View Garden.

  Vegetable Health “A Dream of Red Mansions” writes a lot of vegetables, in addition to eggplant, cowpea, lentils, gourds, and gray strip vegetables, as well as Nanjing’s specialty Aloe, wolfberry buds (commonly called wolfberry head).

“The Dream of the Red Mansions” mentioned in the sixty-first round that Tanchun and Baodi “should eat wolfberry bud fried with oil”, because the wolfberry bud fried with oil is delicious and nutritious, and they also like wolfberry bud egg soup, this soup instead of refreshingThe feeling of coolness has become a health food for the two ladies, Tanchun and Baodi.

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