What to do if the thermometer breaks?

Mercury is harmful

What to do if the thermometer breaks?
Mercury is harmful

The chemical name of mercury is mercury, which is a heavy metal. Mercury poisoning is very common in clinical practice. In fact, mercury can be found everywhere in our lives. Some types of fluorescent lamps contain mercury. In order to reduce heat radiation, some thermos bottles are coated with external walls.mercury.

So what’s the harm of mercury?

  Experts point out that mercury is the only liquid metal at room temperature. Once the articles containing it are broken, the mercury will evaporate.

Moreover, its adsorption is particularly good.

Mercury vapor is easily adsorbed by buildings and clothing, becoming a source of continuous air pollution.

Although inhaling a small amount of it will not cause too much harm to the body, but inhaling a large amount of it for a long time will cause mercury poisoning.

Mercury poisoning is divided into acute and chronic: acute poisoning has abdominal pain, diarrhea, hematuria and other symptoms; chronic poisoning mainly manifests as oral inflammation, muscle tremor and mental disorders.

  So, how can we avoid the harm of mercury?

Use these items as little as possible. In addition, if the above items break through, they need to be inserted and processed in the correct way to avoid endangering health.


If you accidentally take mercury, you should seek medical treatment in a timely manner. If mercury-containing items such as blood pressure monitors and thermometers are broken and there is mercury leakage, you should immediately dispose of them. They can be closed with water to prevent volatilization of mercury and open windows to maintain good ventilation.

Some people accidentally bite the thermometer when taking the temperature with their mouth, and swallowed the mercury. Although the amount is not large, it can also cause stomatitis and acute pancreatitis after taking it, manifested as oral erosion, ulcers, abdominal pain, nausea, Vomiting, diarrhea, etc., should be sent to a doctor in time, before mouthwash, drink some egg white or milk.


Mercury can be sprinkled on the ground and can be sprayed with sulfur powder. Once mercury is sprinkled on the ground, the first thing to do is to turn off all heating devices in the room, open the windows to ventilate, then put on gloves, use a small shovel to collect the mercury deeply, or sprinkle it on it.For some sulfur powders, the reaction between sulfur and mercury can generate mercury sulfide that is not easily decomposed into water, and the harm will be greatly reduced.

If the wound encounters mercury, it should be checked at the hospital’s poison prevention department, and then treated if there is poisoning.


You can use a dropper to absorb mercury. If there is no sulfur powder, you can also use a plastic tip dropper to suck the mercury into the tube, and bury the dropper into the soil with the dropper, so that the mercury will not evaporate, and you cannot directly pour it into the sewer or other garbage.Pour into the trash together.

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