Weekend headaches tell you it’s time to relax

Weekend headaches tell you it’s time to relax

I usually have a lot of work pressure and insomnia at night, so the body will inevitably have a little mood and some small symptoms. As long as you watch carefully, if the body has the following 7 small symptoms, you must relax yourself to ensure your health.

  Bleeding gums.

Researchers have pointed out that the body’s long-term secretion of excessive stress hormones may damage the immune system and cause bacteria to invade the gums.

Foreign experts remind those who work long-term and merge in the office, it is best to brush their teeth after a meal.

  Love sweets.

Suddenly you want to eat chocolate, not necessarily a mouthful.

Foreign experts compared women before and after menopause and found that their preference for chocolate has nothing to do with estrogen and is closely related to stress.

  Headaches on weekends.

Foreign experts point out that sudden reduction of stress is likely to induce migraine, and weekends should continue to maintain daily habits.

  Abdominal pain during menstruation.

A foreign study showed that the pressure of women with severe abdominal pain during menstrual periods would double.

  Sore jaw.

Foreign experts said that after waking up, face ulcers or tooth and jaw soreness are most likely the result of bruising, and stress will increase the number of times people molars.

  Strange dreams.

Foreign experts point out that too much stress can make people wake up and sleep, and even have nightmares.

Avoiding caffeine or alcoholic beverages before bedtime can prevent terrible dreams.

  Itchy skin.

Stress stimulates neurons to create an itchy sensation.

A survey of more than 2,000 people in Japan shows that people with chronic headache symptoms have often been stressed.

Experts say that although stubborn itching can cause stress, worries or tension can also make skin diseases worse.

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