Soymilk millet porridge is beneficial for digestion and soothe the sleep

Soymilk millet porridge is beneficial for digestion and soothe the sleep

Xiaomi is one of the representative foods of Buzhong Yiqi. It is often used to cook porridge.

Clear water and millet simmered in the fire, in most people’s eyes, perhaps the practice of millet porridge is as simple as that.

In fact, it may be worthwhile to change the water of the cooked rice porridge into soy milk. The soy milk millet porridge helps the two kinds of foods of the soybean and the millet to complement each other, which is beneficial to digestion and absorption, and has the effect of soothe the nerves.

  Xiaomi is a rare sleep aid food.

Its content of tryptophan, through metabolism, can produce serotonin that inhibits central nervous system excitability and gives people a sense of drowsiness.

Serotonin can also be converted to melatonin which has a sedative and sleep-inducing effect.

Not only that, millet contains a variety of vitamins, amino acids, traces and small amounts, high nutritional value, generally not contained in the food carotene, the millet content can reach 0.

12 mg / 100 g, vitamin B1 content is also the first in all food, the same weight of millet iron is twice as high as rice, these have become the ideal tonic for millet to become an elderly and maternal.

  However, the nutrition of millet is also insufficient. The lysine is too low and the leucine is too high. The nutritional value of protein is not better than that of rice. It is easy to lack other nutrients based on millet.

To make up for these shortcomings, you might want to match it with soy milk.

The main raw material of soybean milk has a protein content of about 40%, and the highest quality can reach about 50%. The amino acid composition of soybean protein is close to the amino acid required by the human body, and it is a complete protein with high lysine content.

  Using soy milk to cook millet porridge, in the taste, millet can neutralize the smell of simple soy milk, so that the taste of soy milk is softer; and in nutrition, the two foods can achieve a very suitable complement.

Some people will have a little inflation when eating soy, and drinking millet porridge will burn heart. If you use rice milk to cook millet porridge, you can avoid these special circumstances.

Especially at dinner, drink a bowl of soy milk millet porridge, which is both nutritious and helps sleep.

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