Physical health signals in people

Physical health signals in people

In humans, under the nose.
The junction of the upper and lower excess of the upper lip groove is the main point of emergency fainting.

Usually we can also judge the health status based on the condition of people.

  Chinese medicine pays close attention to, listens to, asks, cuts, and listens to an old Chinese medicine introduction. Each of us can understand our own body from the color and condition of our own people. These important signals help us understand and grasp our own physical condition.Now introduced as follows: 1.

Healthy people are neat, in the middle of the position, the ditch is clear and symmetrical, and the color is yellow and red.


Relaxation of sulcus muscles in humans indicates weak spleen and kidneys and insufficient blood and qi.


People in blue are cold and damp, lesbians may have dysmenorrhea, and gay men may have problems with the plasma pills.


The color is green and black in people, indicating that the liver and kidneys may be sick.


People are dark green in color and may have cholecystitis and biliary colic.


People are pale in color and may have chronic ulcerative colitis.


The color is black in people (this black is different from racial black), which means that the cold is severe and there may be genitourinary diseases.


If a person is narrow and long, narrow and thin; or if the middle is narrow and wide, the person is short and dark in color, the heart is generally not very good, and it is easy to cause angina.


Redness in people, especially near the lips, shows the invasion of heat and evil, and blood stasis in the body.


The yellow color in humans indicates weak spleen and stomach. If it is yellow, the spleen and stomach are cold, and there may be chronic diseases.

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