Elderly people are alert to low blood pressure after meal

Elderly people are alert to low blood pressure after meal

“Post-meal hypotension is a very common problem in the elderly. About 5% to 10% of the elderly will appear. There are also a small number of people who fall into hospital because of accidental falls.

“The doctor said.

  Many people have had similar experiences. When they have finished eating, their brains are a little confused and will be sleepy.

This is because the rehabilitation began to digest food, 20% of the blood in the body instantly gathered in these two organs, the blood supply of other organs is obviously insufficient, especially the brain lack of oxygen, it began to faint.

Because the elderly’s ability to adjust their body is worse, the symptoms of postprandial hypotension are more pronounced than in younger people.

And postprandial hypotension most often occurs after Chinese food.

  According to Director He’s statistics on clinical patients for many years, there are four types of people who are particularly prone to postprandial hypotension: elderly people over 70 years old, diabetics, Parkinson’s patients, people who like to drink, because of vasodilatation after drinkingThe blood pressure is getting lower.

  In order to avoid accidents such as falls in the elderly after a meal, the doctor advises the elderly not to stand up immediately after eating, you can sit or lie for half an hour.

In addition, do not eat too much rice, try not to drink.

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