Top 10 public fundraising Harvest Funds bought 5 bank shares in the second quarter

Top 10 public fundraising Harvest Funds bought 5 bank shares in the second quarter

Original title: Top 10 Public Funds Funds for Heavy Stocks of Harvest Fund: In the second quarter, 5 bank shares were bought in large sums. Every reporter Wang Zheng edited the equity fund of the equity fund belonging to Ye Feng Harvest Fund.The revelation surfaced.

  According to WinDdata, regardless of currency and short-term wealth management funds, Castrol Funds ranks fifth in the industry with 237.7 billion assets.

  As the “leader” in the industry, the position changes of the top ten fund companies are completely market trends, so let’s take a look at how many shares of Harvest Fund held in the second quarter?

Which stocks are listed?

What stocks have been ruthlessly abandoned?

  Shigekura Bank, liquor stocks experienced a surge after the Spring Festival, the stock market turned into a wide swing period at the end of April, and the downward pressure on macro fundamentals in the second quarter improved.

“Daily Economic News” reporter noticed that in the second quarter, Harvest Fund bought large stocks in defensive sectors such as banks and liquor.

  As of the end of the second quarter, the top ten heavy stocks of Harvest Fund were mainly concentrated in the fields of consumption, finance and medicine.

They are: Ping An of China, Gree Electric Appliances, Moutai, Guizhou, China Merchants Bank, Wuliangye, Hengrui Medicine, Industrial Bank, Yili, Tongce Medical and Changchun High-tech.

  Compared with the first quarter report of heavy stocks by Castrol Funds, the scale of holdings in the second quarter was stable. Only the star of the information technology sector and Aojia in the home appliance industry eliminated the top ten heavy stocks and replaced them with Industrial Bank and Wuliangye.

  The stock market showed a small amount at the end of April, and defensive sectors such as high-end liquor had a good gain. In addition to the new division of Wuliangye into the top ten heavy storage stocks, Castrol Fund also increased the allocation ratio of Maotai in Guizhou. At the end of the second quarter, Castrol Fund increased its holdings.Holding Guizhou Maotai 88.

61 million shares to 287.

With 380,000 shares, Guizhou Moutai also jumped from the fifth-largest stock by the end of the first quarter to the top three.

  In addition, in the second quarter, a lot of new liquor-related stocks were added to the list of Castrol Fund heavy stocks, such as Tsingtao Brewery and China Resources Beer. The stock market values in the second quarter were 1.

9.5 billion yuan, 1.

300 million yuan.

  Harvest Funds is also optimistic about financial stocks in the second quarter. It has bought a large number of bank stocks. Of the 11 stocks with an increase of more than 11 million shares, bank stocks have 5 seats.

Among them, Castrol Fund increased the industrial bank 4382 in the second quarter.

740,000 shares. As of the end of the second quarter, 22 funds owned by Harvest Fund held 9,589 Industrial Bank.

830,000 shares, nearly half of the increase.

Agriculture, China Everbright Bank is also the focus of the increase in positions, agricultural bank positions in the second quarter increased by 2488.

560,000 shares, an increase of nearly 50%, Everbright Bank positions increased by 1902.

960,000 shares, an increase of over 70%.

  Unlike centralized holdings, Harvest Funds is more dispersed in individual stock reductions. There are various sectors such as transportation and logistics, non-metals, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Among them, Daqin Railway, Fuyao Glass, Tonghua Dongbao, Haier Zhijia, AerospaceNine stocks such as Development were sold off in large numbers, and their holdings were reduced by more than 10 million shares.

  Position increase and decrease The position increase and decrease of large fund companies is also the focus of general concern. Let’s take a look at the overall position changes of Castrol Fund in the second quarter.

  WinD data shows that of the 84 active managed equity funds (excluding QDII funds) that can calculate the ratio of stock market value to the fund’s NAV, nearly 50 products have improved their positions in the second quarter because of the flexible allocation of hybrid fund positions.For the sake of flexibility, the increase or decrease of the position is also subject to change.

  Fund manager Liu Meiling’s “Grow Harvest Advantage Growth Flexible Allocation Configuration” is one such.

WinD data shows that at the end of the first quarter, the fund held only 21 shares of the 成都桑拿网 fund’s total assets.

34%, increased to 78 at the end of the second quarter.

56% is the most active product of Masukura. Another fund it manages, “Gastrich Creative Growth Flexible Allocation,” will also be at the end of the first quarter.

35% of stock positions rose to 75.

twenty one%.

  Liu Ning, Hu Yongqing, and Qu Yang, the three fund managers jointly managed the “Carson New Preferred Flexible Allocation”, with a stock position of 0 in the first quarter and an increase to 49 at the end of the second quarter.

98%, another company called “Capital New Star Flexible Allocation Hybrid Fund” also performed the same operation, increasing the stock position from 0 in the first quarter to 49.


  In terms of fund position reduction, Castrol Fund’s active management equity products have reduced their overall holdings, mainly concentrated below 5%. Only “Castrol Absolute Income Strategy”, “Castor Cutting-Edge Technology” and “Castor Growth Enhancement” have reduced positions.Above 5%, they are 7.

38%, 8.

8%, 7.32%.

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