Slimming acupuncture points have some 10 body points you must know _1

Slimming acupuncture points have some sort of these 10 body points you must know

First, the position of the acupoint in the elbow: the fracture is in the upper arm, the middle of the elbow and the elbow.

Massage this hole to speed up the metabolism, eliminate the waste that usually accumulates on the top of the boom, promote slight consumption, and make the arm slim.

Massage method: thumb circle massage.

Second, the position of the arm and acupoint: the arm point is located outside the arm of the human body, at the stop of the deltoid muscle.

Massage this hole to promote blood circulation, increase the elasticity of the arm muscles, and make the upper arm firm.

Massage method: The middle finger of the index finger is used for a circle-like intervention. The strength of the pain can be three. The position of the external point: the back side of the arm, the wrist up two inches, and the gap between the two bones.

Massage this hole, can clear the meridians of the arm, improve blood circulation, eliminate the feeling of swelling of the numbness of the arm, and make the arm become slender.

Massage method: thumb press.

Fourth, the location of the Tianshu point: three fingers wide on both sides of the navel.

Massage 踊 踊 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰 镰Walk the meat that is stacked on the abdomen.

Massage method: use your forefinger’s fingertips at the same time before going to bed to ring the Tianshu point 50?
100 times, repeated counterclockwise and clockwise.

Five, Daheng point location: 4 inches away from the navel to massage this point can be laxative, remove the body’s oil, reduce weight, eliminate excess meat in the waist and lower, reduce blood lipids.

Massage method: Both hands and fingers are blocked at the same time, and the ring massage is 100 times.

Sixth, the location of the wind market: located in the midline of the outside of the thigh of the human body, when standing upright, the tip of the middle finger.

Massage this hole to remove excess water from the thigh and make the thigh slim.

Massage method: Heal the ring massage with the thumb joint.

Seven, Quchi point location: the elbow is 90°, and the elbow transverse line is sunken at the outer end.

Massage this hole, while tightening the muscles, you can beautify the skin of the arms, improve the dry and rough condition, and make your arm shine.

Massage method: middle finger and index finger ring massage.

Eight, blood sea hole location: thigh parts, and arranged end up 2 inches.

Massage this point to improve blood circulation in the legs, eliminate the accumulation of aunts in the legs, and improve women’s irregular menstruation.

Nine, Zusanli position: merge the next three inches, about one horizontal finger on the outer side of the bone.

Massage this point, you can pass through the active, wind and dampness, eliminate the edema of the calf, make the calf slim and slender.

Massage method: thumb press.
Ten, Chengshan point location: Chengshan point is located in the middle of the back of the calf, and when the straight leg or heel is lifted, there is a sharp corner under the calf.

Massage this hole, can eliminate the aunt on the calf, tighten the calf muscle, and have a significant effect on the beautification of the calf line.

Massage method: pain with the thumb joint.

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