5 Heatstroke Prevention Tips

5 Heatstroke Prevention Tips

Click-to-buy summer is a serious challenge for people who often go out because they are at risk of heat stroke at any time.

So how can we effectively prevent heat stroke?

Today I will introduce some effective methods to prevent heat stroke.


Eat hot peppers in the summer, everyone wants to stay away from hot peppers in case they get angry.

But it is said that eating pepper can prevent heat stroke. Is this true?

The basis is capsicum oxide vitamin C and capsaicin, which can effectively promote the discharge of sweat and help toxins in the body, thereby a certain cooling effect and prevent heat stroke.


Wash your wrists with cold water when you go out to work. You can flush your wrists with tap water every 3 hours for one minute each time. Because the wrist is where arterial blood flows, flushing with water can effectively reduce the blood temperature.


Studies on sleeping have shown that sleeping during the day can effectively reduce the body temperature, and when it is the hottest at noon, choosing sleep can effectively avoid high temperature weather and can replenish physical strength in time.


Potassium supplementation In the summer, the human body is prone to lack of potassium, which makes people feel tired and lazy. Potassium-containing tea is an excellent summer drink.


Standing heatstroke prevention drugs In the hot summer, heatstroke prevention and cooling medicines, such as ten drops of water, Rendan, Fengyoujing, etc. must be prepared for emergency use.

  So, what are the symptoms of heat stroke?

It is divided into three levels according to the severity: 1. Symptoms of threatened heat stroke are: heavy sweating, thirst, marked fatigue, weak limbs, dizziness, chest tightness, nausea, inattention, limb numbness, etc., body temperatureNormal or slightly higher, generally no more than 37.

5 ° C.

  2. Mild heat stroke with flushing, chest tightness, dry and hot skin, or symptoms of early respiratory cycle failure, such as pale, nausea and vomiting, excessive sweating, cold and cold skin, body temperature rising above 38 ° C, blood pressure decreased, and pulse increasedWait.

  3. In addition to the above symptoms of severe heat stroke, if fainting or cracked cracks appear, or the skin is dry and sweatless, and the body temperature is above 40 ° C, it means that the heat stroke is serious and should be treated urgently.

At the same time as emergency treatment, promptly sent to hospital for treatment.

  If a heatstroke patient appears nearby, the following first aid measures should be taken immediately: 1. Move the patient quickly to a cool, ventilated place while raising his head and unbuttoning his underwear to facilitate breathing and heat dissipation.

  2. Put a cool wet towel on the head, or an ice pack, and insert the ice cube into the patient’s head, armpit, and thigh.

  3. Promote the implantation of the patient into the 4 water, and massage the skin of the limbs to expand the skin blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation and promote heat dissipation.

When the temperature of the anus rises by 38 ° C, the temperature can be stopped.

  4. Immersion The patient’s trunk was 450 immersed in well water for about 18 months, with the degree of immersion in the nipple.

Elderly people, frail people and patients with cardiovascular disease, the water temperature should not be too low.

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