Three coups in the workplace

Three coups in the workplace

Listen in silence to the well-known British politician, historian Parkinson and the well-known British management scientist Rastomji, in the book “Know Your Good Things”: “If there is a quarrel, remember to avoid exaltationmouth.

First quote others, let others finish their words, and be good-hearted and reasonable.

It is absolutely difficult to win people’s hearts by arguing, and the immediate solution is to love each other.

“The characteristic of anger is that it is short-lived. After the” headache “, the contradiction happens to be easily resolved.

When you ca n’t agree with other people ‘s ideas, and for a while you find it difficult to persuade the other person, listen in silence, causing the other person to point, and the obedient person ‘s perception of his point of view, which even suppresses his “head”, which is also conducive toCut and avoid the “heads” of the other side.

  Calmness. American business psychologist Professor Olean Ulyss puts forward three rules that can calm people down: “First reduce the sound, then slow down, and the last piece is straight.

“Decreasing the voice and slowing down the speech speed can alleviate the emotional impulse, while straightening a little straight forward will diminish the atmosphere of impulsive tension, because people are emotional, and people with intense intonation usually lean their chests forward, and when they lean forwardAt times, you will make your face close to each other, and this speech gesture can artificially cause tension.

  Robert Kelly, a business professor at Carnegie Mellon University, met a programmer and his boss at a computer company in California who had a dispute over the value of a piece of software. Kelly suggested they stand at each other.After five minutes, Shuangyi realized how ridiculous each other’s performance was. Everyone laughed and quickly found a solution.

In the process of person-to-person communication, psychological factors play an important role. People think they are right, and the other party must accept their opinions.

If the two parties can exchange roles and think for themselves when exchanging opinions, they can avoid a big stir.

Sublimation of reason.

In the TV series “Stepmother”, when the young stepmother saw the child deliberately mischief with her and pranked her, she was furious and broke the glass.

But she immediately overcame the consequences of further conflict, thinking of her mother’s responsibility and due intellect, she immediately dispelled her anger, swept away the glass shards and took the initiative to apologize to the child and settle the relationship.

When a conflict occurs, the internal mind estimates a consequence, think about your own responsibility, and sublimate yourself to a person who is rational and open-minded, you will certainly be able to control your mood and ease the tense atmosphere.

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