Elastic Rope Brings Fat To Law

Elastic Rope “Brings Fat To Law”

The elastic rope uses the gravity when pulling to strengthen the body and enhance the fun of exercise.
Is your cellulite driving you crazy?
Hurry to bring the fat oil to justice with an elastic rope!
  The trend of fitness is really changing. A few days ago, when I saw some domestic professional sports publications using elastic rope as one of the most potential fitness exercises in the future, the reporter didn’t know where the elastic rope is.
However, when reporters saw more and more fitness venues introducing elastic rope into their fitness classes, and called it “a thin rope to move the whole body,” they had to re-examine this thin rope.
  Of course, it can become the most popular new favorite of fitness. Of course, the elastic rope has a unique charm. First, this rope is not an ordinary jump rope, but an elastic rope with good telescopic ability. Second, because the elastic rope is lightweight,Easy to carry and easy to use, it also makes the elastic rope a very popular fitness equipment.
In a word, a small elastic rope can help you perform whole body exercises such as strength, flexibility, stretching, bouncing, etc., and it has a good fat-reducing effect. The most important thing is that there are no restrictions on the venue.You can practice in a small area, and it ‘s so convenient to put it in your bag after practice!
It just meets the needs of modern people’s daily rhythm and limited exercise time.
  Making fitness more fun. In addition to the main features mentioned above, the elastic rope can also make fitness more fun.
For example, many men’s passion for strength training can become fun through the elastic rope.
In the past, dumbbells have always been a must-have for strength training, but dumbbells can only be used to resist the effect of gravity, and elastic ropes can be placed behind to practice from the horizontal direction, or can be fixed to the top and pulled down.More abundant.
It can also increase strength according to the length and quantity of the rope, which is very challenging and interesting.
And there are constant researches showing that strength training is not a man’s patent. Proper strength training can help accelerate human metabolism, improve body shape, protect muscles and joints, enhance cardiovascular flexibility, accelerate calorie burning, and reduce osteoporosis.Incidence of diabetes and diabetes.
Therefore, both women and the elderly can properly perform some strength exercises according to their own conditions. At this time, the elastic rope is probably the best choice.
  The “plastic rope yoga” currently popular in Guangzhou also uses this kind of elastic rope for fitness.
Different from traditional yoga, “plastic rope yoga” uses elastic rope to suspend its body in the air to perform various yoga moves. Because this yoga has the unique tool of elastic rope as an auxiliary, it is suitable for any age, especiallySome people with poor physical fitness came to participate.
Generally speaking, “Rose Yoga” makes exercisers stronger, open, balanced, energetic and clear-headed.
It can also develop endurance and endurance, strengthen the flexibility of the body, relax the spirit, strengthen the muscles of the feet, improve the circulatory system and enhance vitality.
Many people who have tried it said that “plastic rope yoga” is both fresh and fun, and at the same time, the fitness effect is also more effective.
  Making fitness more fun In addition to being fun, you can make sports fitness more varied and more free, which is one of the benefits of elastic ropes.
Although you can often change the exercise method to get better fitness results, some people just prefer a certain sport. However, in order to improve the fitness effect, you must consider making appropriate adjustments. At this time, many people think of changing sportsMoves to improve fitness, then you can use the elastic rope.
  Let’s take the popular dumbbell exercise in the gym as an example. Most men understand the benefits of dumbbell exercise on the body, but some people are tired of seeing heavy dumbbells before they even exercise. Most men have a pretty good effect on the dumbbell sculpture posture.I have a sense of accomplishment, but if I want to exercise on a business trip or a trip, and I can’t find a gym, it’s not good to take two dumbbells that add 20-30 pounds to run around, right?
  At this time, it is recommended that men can use the elastic rope that is easy to operate and easy to carry, and can still achieve the same excellent results as dumbbell exercise!
Usually put a stretch rope in the bag, you can move wherever you go, even if you go to the mountains and the sea.
The thickness and length of the elastic rope determine the weight during use. It can be selected according to personal needs, or two elastic ropes can be used to increase strength.
When performing elastic rope exercise, you should pay attention to keeping your body stable, and hold the elastic rope firmly, about 8 to 12 times in a group. The number of exercise groups depends on your ability and gradually.
Many fitness center fitness instructors have also specially designed elastic rope exercises for men. As long as you “pull” and “lift” a rope, you can easily gain fat while talking and laughing!
  Make fitness more affordable. You do n’t have to go to the gym. You can buy elastic ropes in sports goods stores, or you can choose to exercise at home or outdoors in fresh air. The cost of exercise is greatly reduced, and the effect and fun of the exercise are not compromised.
Now that spring is here, in this spring season, you can walk slowly on the avenue of the park, and you can create a beautiful figure by doing some simple actions.
These actions include exercising the body parts such as arms, chest, shoulders, abdomen, waist, back, hips, and thighs. It abandons the usual running, jumping, walking and other sports methods, and will modify all parts of your body.And you don’t need complicated equipment. A stretch rope is all your fitness equipment. This kind of exercise method is called “new idea of park (outdoor) fitness”.
  Start with walking, 25 minutes a day, 4 days a week.
Gradually reach 6 days.
Your pace should be easy and comfortable. Don’t go too fast 5 minutes after the start and 5 minutes before the end.
To warm up, you should turn your shoulders and wave your arms; when you calm down, pat your legs, belly, and thighs.
After walking, you can use the park as your gym to work out a specific fat area.
Generally do 2 sets of movements each, starting 2 times a week and gradually reaching 3 times a week.
  Generally speaking, when doing elastic rope outdoor exercise, you need to use trunks, benches, etc. You can start by winding the elastic rope on it. Of course, you can also use various parts of the body for elastic rope exercise.All parts can be expanded and stretched.
  After talking about the benefits of so many elastic ropes, you still haven’t hurriedly jumped out of the TV and the snack pile. Before you rush into the sporting goods store to buy elastic ropes, you have to remind you that even fun sports should be insisted on becausePersistence is the only magic weapon for fitness success.  Precautions for elastic ropes: Check the two of the elastic ropes before use to see if there are any small holes, in case of danger if they break off when exerting force.

Step on the elastic rope firmly, and make sure that the stepping position is correct to ensure safety.

When the elastic rope is fixed on some objects, it must be fixed crosswise to ensure safety.

Use elastic ropes to properly cooperate with breathing. Generally exhale when exerting force and inhale when reducing.

For those who have no exercise habits, because the muscle strength is small, pay attention to control the slow recovery during the reductive action (if the force is taken, it will take 2 beats, and the reduction will take 3 beats to complete), so as not to cause sports injuries.

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