See how strong your revenge is

See how strong your revenge is

If one day really encounters a robbery with a gangster holding a knife, and there are items that can be placed next to it, which one will you pick up in anxiety to resist?

C. ChairKnife D.A. StoneGood at collecting you is a person who knows how to use your brain.

When someone offends you, you won’t happen on the spot, or even wait for time to retaliate in secret, such as revealing his secrets, attacking his pain points, and making the other person hate you and itching, but there is nothing he can do.

The direct counterattack type is your love and hate, so when someone offends you, your response is direct, likes and dislikes are written on you.

If the other party apologizes and strikes, if you do not regret and continue to be rude, you must let him walk around without eating.

  C.You are a well-known friend with a tooth for tooth type, so you cannot tolerate the betrayal and betrayal of the other party; when you are hurt by the other party, you “really treat others as they are.”

You will only take revenge once, and you will no longer be friends.

  D.Borrowing and killing you is the standard “cunning rabbit three caves”. When you feel that the other party is unforgivable, and you want to give him some color to see, you have already paved the way, and killed by borrowing a knife, sold the other party and let the other party calculate the money for youThis is your ability.

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