Play games with newborns

Play games with newborns

Although newborns have just arrived in the world less than a month ago, and sleep for up to eighteen or nine hours a day, you should never think that you cannot communicate or play with them.

In fact, newborns at this time have begun to gradually adapt to society and gradually communicate with people, so parents can play games and communicate with them by appropriate methods.

  1. Talk or sing to a newborn. How can a newborn who can’t understand the language speak or sing to him?

Father and mother must not have doubts. Although the newborn baby can’t understand you, he can cause your gentle voice. This kind of auditory stimulation will strengthen the relationship between the parents and the newborn baby.

Mom and dad can gently say to the newborn: “Good newborn, smile”, “Little newborn, go to sleep”, “Don’t cry, mother sing a song” and so on.

In addition, you can sing a little lullaby for the newborn.

  2. Do some simple massage movements for newborns. Newborns can’t do some movements such as turning over, climbing, etc., they can only stretch their own small area and use their feet and legs to stretch the quilt.

Mom and dad can do some simple massage movements for the newborn. Slightly, step on the shoulder and then massage the whole body of the newborn 4?
6 times, pay attention to the movement must be gentle.

Such massage can make the newborn feel comfortable and happy, and exercise the large muscles of the newborn.

  3. Touch the cheeks of the newborn. When the newborn is feeding or awake, you can use your fingers to lightly touch the left and right cheeks of the newborn and change your head to turn left and right. This tactile stimulation can train the newborn’s response.ability.

  4. Let the newborn look at the face of the loved one. Mom and dad bring their faces close to the newborn and smile and speak to him, let the newborn look at his face, gradually move the face vertically, and whisper the name of the newborn to let the newborn’s sightFollow Mom and Dad’s faces.

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