Wu Zetian Palace’s top secret beauty recipe exposed


Wu Zetian Palace’s top secret beauty recipe exposed

The secret recipe of palace beauty originally written in the text came from the concubine of the Southern Dynasties, Chen Houzhu, who was famous for his creation of numerous “Yushu Houyuanhua”.

Zhang Aifei is shocked by her beauty, and she is said to benefit from the secret recipe of the cream used.

This secret recipe is too big to come, the sign is said to come from the mother-in-law who is afraid of other people peeking and specially pressed under the pillow housekeeping beauty collection-“pillow in the Chinese side.”

  The medicine used in this recipe is extremely simple: one egg and two tannins.

The preparation method is a little more complicated: take the newborn eggs, carefully open a small hole in the egg, remove the yellow holes, load the fine cinnabar, and seal the small holes with wax. In addition, wait for the eggs to be placed in the nest to let the old hen hatch.Old hens are also particular about it. It is best to choose pure white and no mottled feathers. When the chicks come out of the shell, you can break the egg shell and use it.

  This secret recipe is magical in effect. It is said that after use, it can make the face look white and red, what freckles, beans, blackheads, acne, etc., will be swept away, never repeated. By the way, even the loose skin and wrinkles are also solved.

The secret recipe spread to the Ming Dynasty. Some people upgraded the product. The cinnabar was replaced by golden flower rouge and halal. The others remained unchanged. In addition to the above effects, the upgraded product even kept the face rosy for a long time, and even washed the face three times a day.Therefore, there is an extremely loud flower-“semi-red”.

  Wu Zetian also has a beauty recipe called “Tianhou Lian Motherwort Cao Ze Fang”.

However, the production method is complicated and abnormal: pick the whole plant of Yitian grass at the end of the month and no day with a little bit of soil, otherwise it will be interrupted immediately; dried and sifted through a fine sieve, add an appropriate amount of flour and water, and reconcile into the size of an egg.Dry, then find a clay stove, turn it into charcoal, place the medicine in the middle, cover it with a layer of charcoal, burn it for fire, burn it for about a meal time, and switch to wenhuo, then the fire must not be too fierce, otherwiseThe medicine turns yellow and black, and it is also ineffective immediately. After about one day and night, take out the medicine, cool it thoroughly, and grind it into a fine, finer, the better, and finally store it in a porcelain jar or glass bottle. Do not get wet.Inspection is qualified before leaving the factory.

  When using this recipe, add talcum powder and rouge and mix thoroughly. Use face wash and hands every morning and evening. After use, the skin will gradually become tender and white, and it will be bright and shiny in ten days. It will be red and shiny in thirty days.A 60-year-old lady will be like a 17-year-old girl.

Don’t think I’m bragging, as evidenced by the “New Tang Book”: Wu Zetian “Although he is good in spring and autumn, he is good at painting and painting, but Zuo Shi doesn’t realize its decline”.

As a result of long-term use, Wu Zetian even reached the age of seventy or eighty and still maintained a beautiful appearance. People around her did not know her real age at all.



Then hurry up.

Of course, the modulation method is a bit abnormal, but for the sake of beauty, isn’t that difficult?

  Although Wu Zetian ‘s famous daughter, Princess Taiping, was well-loved by her mother, she did n’t seem to have inherited her mother ‘s “Tianhou Lian Motherwort Cao Ze Fang Fang”. There was only one “Taiping Princess Facial Medicine” secret recipe: Take the third lunar month of the peach blossom and the seventh sunBone chicken blood is made by blending peach blossom with black bone chicken blood.

Three or two days after using this facial medicine, you can see that “my face is as white as snow and my body is as white as a vegetarian”, just like the fairy sister in the sky.

  Of course, there is also a big beauty Yang Guifei in the history of palace beauty.

Her unique magic weapon is called “red jade paste”.

The secret recipe is to combine three medicines: almond, egg white, and light powder. After steaming, add a small amount of borneol and musk to use.

The “Old Tang Book” said that Yang Guifei was “beautiful in appearance”, Bai Juyi said that she “looked back and smiled, and Liugong Fandai had no color.” There was a great contribution of “red jade paste”.

  In addition to the magnificent beauty recipes in China, there are also foreign countries like Jin Guo.

Among them, the most famous is “Jin Guo Gong Nu Ba Bai San”. The legend is that Jin Zhang Zong Wan was looking forward to the Harem Gong Nu Fa cleansing prescription. It is mainly composed of Baiji, Baizhi, Baizong Silkworm, White Aconite, White Tribulus, White Poria, Bai Chou (leadLatte flower white seed) and eight cloves of white lilac.

The name is “Babaisan”. One is that the names of the eight major drugs in the formula are all “white”, and the other is a good intention to make the face white and shiny.

This face wash is often used to keep the face and neck as delicate as white snow, which is definitely better than Magnolia oil.

However, it is necessary to say that the “white lilac” in the formula is not a white lilac, but a shit pulled by a sparrow.

  Finally, let’s talk briefly about Cixi, a Lafayette of the Qing Dynasty. It is said that after eating every night, she will use eggs to clear the wrinkles on her face because she is convinced that wrinkles can be removed.

The secret recipe may have some effects, but there is no wonder. The ratio is equal to the above mentioned Zhang Aifei facial cream, Wu Zetianze facial prescription, Princess Taiping facial medicine, and the maid of eight white powder.

It can be seen that it is credible in the last days of feudal society, and even the secret beauty formula of the court is unavoidable.

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