Parents take care to keep your child away from the phone

Parents take care to keep your child away from the phone

[Guide]The mobile phone has become an indispensable communication tool for modern life. Its small size, convenience, and speed have been favored by almost everyone.

Mobile phones are a tool for adults, but a “toy” for children, but this “toy” is harmful and useless.

  Ms. Chen recently bought a new mobile phone, so the old one was left idle.

And Ms. Chen’s 3-year-old daughter can be very interested in this old phone, so she simply uses the phone as her daughter’s toy.

  Since then, her daughter has been so fond of her old phone that she has it everywhere, and she has to hold on even while sleeping.

However, not long after, Ms. Chen noticed that some little red crickets started to appear on her daughter.

At the time, she thought it was a mosquito bite, so she didn’t care.

I do n’t know, my daughter shouted that she had a pain in her hands.

Later, Ms. Chen took her daughter to the hospital for an examination, only to discover that she was allergic to heavy metals, and the culprit was the old cell phone.

Ms. Chen regretted it.

  Medical experts believe that old mobile phones contain a large amount of impurities, mercury, nickel and other toxic metals. If these toxic metals are in long-term contact with the child’s body, it can easily cause mutations.

In addition, such accidents are often seen in news reports. Children play with mobile phone batteries. As a result, the batteries explode, causing tragedies.

Therefore, parents should never let their children use their mobile phones as toys.

  In addition, the electric frequency signal of the mobile phone is stronger than that of the ordinary phone, and some functions of the child are not fully developed. The strong signal of the mobile phone can easily cause damage to the nervous system of his brain.

When a child uses a cell phone, the brain absorbs 60% more of the cell phone’s electromagnetic waves than an adult.

Cell phone radiation can damage the normal function of the child’s nervous system, which can cause a series of problems such as memory loss, headaches, and poor sleep.

However, nowadays, many children have been equipped with mobile phones by parents since kindergarten, which is not good for the child’s health.

Parents should keep their phones away from their children.

  Security policy 1.

Keep the phone out of the reach of children.


The battery of the mobile phone should also be kept out of the sight of the child. The parents of the replaced battery should be kept in a safe place, and the child should not let the child hold it by hand.


For old mobile phones, especially some mobile phones of different brands, parents must take proper care of them after using them. Do n’t leave them as toys. Such mobile phones are a big safety hazard.


If your child must play, you can buy a small toy phone for him instead.

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