The mask injects fresh magic into the skin


The mask injects fresh magic into the skin

The principle of the mask is that it can temporarily block the air and make the skin fit with the essence. In such a closed state, it can increase the temperature of the skin surface and increase the rate of local metabolism, so that the essence can be more easily used.Absorbed by the skin, and can also reduce the rate of skin moisture evaporation, leaving skin more supple.

  The purpose of the mask used by the mask can accelerate the absorption of skin care products. Even the same ingredients, the effect after using the mask will be more effective than a single wipe, and it should be noted that the mask will promote the absorption of the ingredients. If the ingredients of the mask are too complicated,Among them, alcohol, pigments, fragrances, emulsifiers, and solvents that do not help the skin may be absorbed and cause skin damage. Therefore, when buying a mask, look at the landmarks to indicate that the ingredients are simple.

  How to choose a one-piece mask?

  There are many types of masks: liquid dew, gel, gel (gel), curd, lotion, cream, cream, mud.

Wait, but the most commonly used one is a one-piece mask.

First of all, please choose a one-piece mask. Pay attention to its carrier (patch) and ingredients (essence).

  The parts of the main unit will greatly affect the fit and feel during use according to different materials and cutting edges.

The material of the carrier is gradually improved from the early pulp to non-woven fabrics, special fibers, polymers, jelly films and the latest bio-fiber materials.

and many more.

This part of consumers can choose according to their comfort and closeness when trying.

In principle, a thicker film, a product with a higher absorption of essence and a higher degree of service when used, will have a better sealing and maintenance effect.

  Is the price of the mask related to the effect?

  In general, the effect of the mask has no absolute relationship with the price, the focus is on the composition and concentration of the ingredients of the mask.

  It is very important to clearly indicate the ingredients and the concentration of the active ingredients, because the actual effect of the essence in the mask has a great relationship with the two.

The more effective the composition is, the more effective the new composition is. It has a lot to do with the composition.

  Choose a mask by age 15?
20 years old: People of this age have strong endocrine, sebaceous gland secretion, increased fat, enlarged pores, and prone to annoying acne and acne.

  Weapons: Clean, once a week cleansing mask or healing mask.

25 years old: The skin condition is stable, delicate and smooth, full of elasticity, no exfoliation or nutrition is needed.

At this time, the most important thing is to protect this “outer membrane”.

Do not use a mask containing bioactive ingredients.

  Weapons: Replenish water and vitamins, especially vitamins E and C, and make your own homemade fruit at home.

In addition, at this time, the secretion of sebaceous glands is still strong, and a deep cleansing mask treatment is also necessary once a week.

30 years old: The skin is in a turning period, and some necrotic cells will accumulate on the surface, making the skin feel a bit rough.

  Weapons: Hydrating, nourishing mask, at least twice a week.

35 years old: Skin age marks increase, skin tone begins to darken, wrinkles and pigmentation may appear.

  Weapons: Ask a skin expert.

Do not use strong whitening mask randomly, it is best to consult a professional doctor to choose a suitable mask.

40 years old: The daily secretion of oil from the skin is significantly reduced, and a nutritional mask is essential.

  Weapon: A mask containing fruit acid, which can moisturize and remove dead skin.

Preferably also contain vitamins A, C, and E.

  After the age of 40: The ill effects of natural aging, ultraviolet rays, environmental pollution and mental stress start to appear-the collagen content in the skin is reduced and wrinkles appear.

Disturbances of the endocrine system in the body can also adversely affect the skin.

The skin becomes more sensitive and more relaxed.
  Weapon: Nutrition Mask, 1?
Apply twice after exfoliating to enhance skin elasticity.

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