It ‘s just five steps to clean your nose

It ‘s just five steps to clean your nose

The nose is in the most central part of the bladder, and the skin in other parts of the face is smooth and smooth, with a patchy, black head, and shiny nose, you must not be beautiful.

Therefore, the details determine success or failure. To have smooth skin, you must first clean your nose.


Blackheads Blackheads are natural enemies for whitening skin. Oils are often secreted in the nose and its surroundings. These oils will eventually harden and become blackheads after oxidation.

The effect of the nose patch is not complete. Frequent visits to the beauty salon will not only damage the skin and pores of the nose, so blackhead removal is more important than daily care.

  You can regularly exfoliate with deep exfoliating cream; buy plant blackhead softening milk, apply to the blackheads, and wash after 10-15 minutes (usually 2-3 times a week, for severe cases every day); then use pores to adjust the water, Astringent pores, reduce oil secretion.


Large pores on the nose are the areas with strong oil secretion. With the increase of age and improper use of skin care products, the pores will become larger and larger. The nose is the most serious part of the face, and the larger pores will affect the appearance.

Deep cleansing and exfoliating should be performed regularly on a regular basis. Daily cleaning must be done in a correct manner to avoid the accumulation of grease and dirt in the pores. After washing your face, apply a mild astringent water (or toner).Slap downwards and upwards. After continuous reduction, the pores will look finer and have the effect of inhibiting sebum secretion.


You do n’t want the other person to stare at you when you shine, your nose lights up like a light bulb!

Adequate sleep, normal work and rest, avoid staying up late, drink plenty of water, drink plenty of water, and use astringent water is the only way to control oil secretion.

You can also use oil-absorbing paper, but not too many times, twice a day.


The appearance of blemishes and blemishes always leave the skin with a lingering regret. The few spots on the top of the nose can be considered cute in childhood; but when they are adults, they can be considered obstructive.

Use qualified whitening and freckle products to lighten pigmentation.

It should be noted that lemon juice can be used for whitening, and lemon contains whitening vitamin C, but it is said that the vitamin C in the extracted natural lemons cannot be directly absorbed by the skin. It also contains a component called solanine.Easy to form stains.

If you apply lemon peel or juice to your face and then bask in the sun, your chances of appearing stains will increase greatly.


Excessive redness. Eating sweets such as chocolate may cause the capillaries on the tip of the nose to dilate, which may cause the tip of the nose to become red. Women who have a snack habit can use nuts, fruits or yogurt instead.

If the nose and nose are red, in addition to cold weather and other reasons, you should consider whether the heart is overloaded, whether there is rosacea, and go to the hospital for treatment in time.

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