Why despair is necessary to jump into the sea

Why despair is necessary to jump into the sea

Why despair is necessary to jump into the sea-6 tips, a little depth, and depth In many cases, our hopes cannot come true. It may be disappointment that comes with hope. Some people will stand up in disappointment, and some people will lose hopeAfter the huge disappointment came, he fell into a daze and even chose to commit such extreme acts as suicide.

We will have all kinds of hopes in our lives, but also encounter all kinds of disappointments. In the face of disappointment, how can we adjust our psychological state so that we do not lose ourselves, become slumped or even retire?

  1. Seek to support us for a hope that supports our hard work, devoting all our physical strength, brainpower and strength, and the body is in an extremely tired state. When hope becomes disappointment, we will have a feeling of two feet empty,At this time, your legs urgently need to have an occupied land to step on. Your friend is the occupied land.

  Have a meal with friends, gather together, replenish your physical strength, and tell your friends about your efforts, your struggles, and your current mood.

Being able to talk to others is an important ability that men need to learn. Many men like to carry everything on their own. This is outdated today. Learning to release emotions can help you to put down a lot of burdens.

If you don’t have the right friends, you can ask a counsellor for help.

  2. Find experience from failure Failure is not terrible.

What is the final result of any hope, you must have done your best for it, and the process of this effort is your most valuable asset.

  Always remember: not everyone is lucky to be able to work hard and fight for a hope.

Those who have fallen in love are eligible to fall in love. The experience and lessons in the process of love are a kind of capital that can be used for showing off for those who have not experienced love.

  3. Check your own attribution. The process of a person’s transition from hope to disappointment and final despair is largely an internal attribution process. The cause of the attributive behavior is more directed towards himself, so it turns into: his abilityTalents are in a weak position and have no merit.

Such a result will cause disappointment in the event to disappoint in yourself, and the consequences will be serious.

  The success of anything is not just the effort of itself, but also the external environment, possibility, and luck. It is a sign of a person’s maturity to be able to objectively distinguish between internal and external causes.

  4. Adjust the cognitive style. The high emotions and uplifting mental state caused by our pursuit of hope events are our interpretation and evaluation: it can bring psychological satisfaction, can prove your ability, and can make othersI was so impressed and so on. All these connotations that I had mobilized my passion.

Conversely, disappointment and despair are also the emotional states that result from failure to achieve these essences, such as depression, depression, emptiness, and so on.

Therefore, adjust your own understanding of the event itself, and confirm that you have the ability to complete the event, and then do it, instead of using the event to obtain a kind of approval to do it.

  5. Fortunately, there is such an opportunity. In the face of setbacks, when it is difficult, many people will lament that they are “untimely” and question their abilities. As everyone knows, in an era of competition like this, everyone ca n’t stop fierceFootsteps, frustrations and difficulties give you a chance to take a break, an opportunity for you to examine yourself, smooth sailing cannot have great achievements, and the opportunity of ups and downs can shape your will and quality.

It also shows you the way forward for the next job.

  6. Lower hopes and reset goals. The destruction of a big hope brings great disappointment and even final despair. To avoid despair, you must set reasonable goals for yourself.

With failure and disappointment, objectively provided enough thinking, analysis, and analysis of the rationality and feasibility of the goals I hoped for, and the experiences and lessons in the process of achieving the hopes.

  In general, reasonable hope and a little disappointment constitute the diversity of our lives. It is not important whether we realize our ideals. What is important is how to move toward the ideals.

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