Drinking water is the best beauty method


Drinking water is the best beauty method

Big S attended an endorsement event for a slimming product in Guangzhou yesterday.

Da S, who is extremely busy with schedules, deserves to be the king of beauty, and never forgets to lose weight and maintain skin after work.

In a pale green dress, she was tall and beautiful.

Skin is still delicate and fair.

And those long legs were so slender that the woman was jealous.


hzh {display: none; }  谈起瘦身经验。Big S has been focusing on weight loss since she was 14 years old.

However, puberty is also the period when people are most likely to make weight loss mistakes. They have a weak idea of health and simply pursue weight loss effects.

According to Big S herself, she used apple yoghurt to lose weight and eat laxatives when she was in junior high school. Later she was taken to the hospital several times by her mother due to obesity and stomach upset.

In the end, her mother ordered her to “do not lose weight.”

  After entering the entertainment industry, I began to slowly join in, and weight loss should not sacrifice health.

Big S warns many sisters who want to lose weight, especially adolescent girls, who want to lose weight must balance nutrition, eat more dietary fiber, and eat more fruits and vegetables.

In addition, drink plenty of water. Big S said that “women are made of water.” There is insufficient hydration, and even if you lose weight, your skin becomes worse.

  In addition, in addition to the diet, Big S is more prominent in sports, she will take time to do some small exercises every week.

If you are too busy, you will find time to walk.

Avoid sitting for long periods of time.

  In addition to slimming up, Da S also mentioned that the movie “The Great Secret Agent Zero” released some time ago made her see her comedy talent.

However, she will continue to focus on emotional drama in the future, and is also willing to try martial arts.

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