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Whitening essence in whitening products

The whitening essence is definitely the white lady’s grade of whitening products, elegant and elegant bottle body, smooth and light color, whitening effect is amazing.

Of course, the price should not be underestimated.

Let’s explore the truth about these ladies’ products with Xiaobian!

  Helena HR Condensing Decoding Whitening Essence The appearance of dark spots on skin problems is not only caused by ultraviolet radiation, but also the underlying cause of skin aging.

Aimei.com believes that new scientific research has found that with age, certain cell messengers (IL-1) inside the skin send out wrong messages, which will lead to increased production of melanin pigment.

  Netizens’ hot comment: After using it, the skin is very smooth, delicate, soft, and even the pores have become smaller.

This essence can be regarded as an all-around essence. Although it is a whitening essence, it has the functions of moisturizing, firming the skin, brightening the complexion, and reducing pores.

So I think it is an all-around essence.

Love is dead!

  SK-II upgraded version of Baijiu Huan Huan Freckle Essence Serum SK-II upgraded version of Baijiu Huan Huan Freckle Essence Essence, Aimei.com believes that the special “Focus Peptide Technology” can sense the degree of damage to the basement membrane and intelligently lock melanin depositionPart of the focus is to disintegrate the accumulation of melanin; at the same time, “please intelligently penetrate the formula” allows the whitening essence to be absorbed more quickly, so that the full-color skin can quickly and accurately achieve a uniform whitening state.

  Hot comments from netizens: The effect of whitening is okay. It didn’t surprise me. What surprised me was that the stubborn acne that had been left over a few years ago faded and was almost invisible.

The dust is also very good, absorbs well, and is not burdened, so it will be enough to apply, and it will be used very quickly.

  Estee Lauder ESTEE LAUDER helps prevent excessive pigmentation caused by different causes, dissolves the formed stubborn spots into tiny particles that are invisible to the naked eye, and accelerates the purification and minimization of the tiny plaques that are being generated.Can also intercept the potential spots that appear.

Keeps skin away from stains and reveals a white glow from the inside.

  Netizens’ hot comment: When I look in the mirror two or three months later, I feel that my face and neck are obviously white and bright.

Generally, looking at the mirror every day should n’t be so obvious, but it ‘s polishing. It ‘s really a surprise ~~ Because of the freckles that are born naturally, the four seasons are whitening and sunscreen.

I have to say that this essence is one of the few that can see the whitening effect.

  Dior Dior Snow Whitening Brightening Essence The new Dior Dior Snow Whitening whitening star product is light, soft, and white in color, melting on the surface of the skin like early snow, and a highly concentrated translucent bright complex (T.




), Significantly reduce the dullness, effectively purify the skin, beauty network believes that make skin tone more uniform and transparent.

Super moisturizing, brightens the skin, reproduces fresh, bright skin, and radiates radiance.

Apply morning and evening daily after the whitening liquid on the face and the like.

  Comments from netizens: The whitening essence that has been used the best, even if the effect of removing spots is not obvious, but after using it, the skin will have great potential, hydration, smoothness, and skin texture.
Would it be better if the speckle effect is improved?
Chanel Whitening Essence Gel is not only the most important skin care step, but also contains the most powerful formula. Aimei.com believes that it can eliminate speckle blemishes for a long time and let you see the skin restore its clear, uniform and bright skin.

  The surprisingly clear gel gel creates a wonderfully fresh enjoyment.

When it touches the skin, the gel immediately melts into water that absorbs quickly, with a delicate fragrance, leaving a smooth feeling on the skin and a silky satin-like touch.

  Hot comments from netizens: The moisture is very refreshing. It is really a dew. They do n’t feel like essences.
  Givenchy GIVENCHY Whitening Intensive This powerfully penetrating gel-like essence combines twenty anti-melanin and active whitening effects in one treatment.

It has a powerful attack, complete weapons and equipment, and blocks all pigmentation-related factors. It works for all biological stages involved in pigmentation. Aimei believes that it has a “skin doctor quality” whitening effect, which can improve the skin’s gloss andpolarity.

  Comments from netizens: The texture is relatively thin, it is easy to absorb, and the skin is very smooth after use. It is best to use it with other creams. The effect may be better. Is it too durable?
Biotherm BIOTHERM Deep Sea Source White Essence White curd skin whitening essence, combining the power of the deep sea and hot springs, to deeply control the melanin at the source, the spots are not visible, and fair and even skin appears.

Because the specially added essence of Atlanta red algae can effectively reduce the production of skin RAB27, Aimei.com believes that the melanin transportation channel is inserted from the source to completely whiten the skin.

In just 5 days, the yellow gas can be significantly reduced and the skin’s translucency can be significantly increased.

After 4 weeks of continuous use, the spots were significantly reduced, and the occurrence of spots was continuously reduced.

  Netizens’ hot comment: Compared with the whitening essence previously used, this kind of moisturizing is good. Since my skin is not black, and I don’t use it regularly, the whitening effect is not clear, but I feel the skin has improved?
Shiseido SHISEIDO Whitening Flawless Essence New Ingredient Tranexamic acid m-Tranexamic acid surpasses the whitening effect of arbutin. In order to solve the skin trouble, Shiseido has successfully developed a completely new whitening essence with high-end professional technology.Tranexamic acid, a new whitening ingredient for skin growth, believes that beauty spotting focuses on the formation of pigmentation, hits the black focal point, whitens the face, and fully reproduces it.
  Hot comments from netizens: This essence has been used for two months, and many of them have been evenly distributed. It is indeed a pale spot effect. The black marks on the forehead have faded a lot, and some have even disappeared. I am very happy!


The skin is very fresh, not very oily.

If you use too much, it will feel oily and it will not smell.
  Impress is a medicated whitening beauty lotion that enhances the “whitening impression” with the concentrated care of Qinbai Essence.

Through the maturation of tyrosinase, the source of pigmentation and pigmentation generation, early inhibition of melanin production, prevention of brown spots caused by sun exposure, and medicinal whitening and beauty liquids for pigmentation.

Aimei.com believes that the emulsion-like texture is smooth and stretched, and the effective whitening ingredient tetrahydromagnolol gradually penetrates the skin.

Acts on the production process of melanin, further improves the adhesion and connection of the stratum corneum, strengthens the “whitening impression” and highlights the beauty of whiteness.

  Hot comments from netizens: The advantage is that it is mild and not irritating, and it is effective for acne marks.

  The problem is that it is easy to rub the mud with many creams, including the same series of lotions.

It seems that only with the cream-like cream will not rub the mud.

  In general, it has a repair effect, although it is relatively slow.

And many whitening essences can stimulate acne. This one won’t. Continuous use can also prevent acne marks.

  SOFINA Whitening Essence inhibits the formation of melanin. Aimei.com believes that it can prevent freckles and stains caused by sun exposure, and keep the skin white.

Quickly dilute melanin, improve uneven and dull skin tone.

Soothes the burning and dryness after sun exposure.

Oil-free, refreshing and comfortable.

  Hot comments from netizens: It is refreshing to use, easy to push and easy to absorb, and it wo n’t be muddy after wiping things.

Very malleable.

  The whitening effect is quite satisfactory, but it is impossible to achieve the effect of removing spots.

You can also brighten your complexion.

I mainly use her as a preventive measure to prevent the formation of melanin.

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